Saturday, November 27, 2010


November has been a big month.
I finished editing a wedding, and have strated another.
I found out that I will be unemployed starting January 29th, as the company is closing all 6 of it's shop fronts.
I had a birthday.
The beautiful girls that I work with got me these lillies for my birthday. That was almost 10 days ago and they still smell devine!

A local photographer gave me these flowers yesterday, just for being 'lovely'. I think that is lovely on it's own!

Flowers seem to make things not so bad, and the timing was perfect! It is quite difficult to work in retail with a smile all the time when you know (and are continually reminded) that the place is closing. It is going to be a hard few months...

We have a busy weekend ahead. Hope you have a good one, wherever you are. x

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Anonymous said...

"lovely flowers" Thanks for sharing.