Sunday, July 26, 2009

Perfect afternoon for this...

Today was a good day to light some candles. Black Cherry is one of my favourites! Not so easy to find on my last trip to America, so this is the only one I have, I am burning it wisely :)
I was to lazy to set up the tripod for this shot, but I like the way it turned out, it looks warm. I went to have a play with it in photoshop, but ended up sticking with the original.
It was a morning of photos today. I did some portraits of a beautiful family for my work. I have not had a good look or play yet, but I think there are some great shots! ....yes, I know Pam, with subjects like you how could there be a bad shot! lol Thankyou, for taking time out of your weekend for me x
Monday tomorrow...hummmmm

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Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link for Sky Watch Friday but as a fellow Yankee Candle devote - had to let you know where there is a shop in Brisbane.

Miles away I know but you could give them a call

Find them at Candle Wick House, 16 Doig St., Cleveland QLD or 07 3821 3344