Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Kandinsky

This is what I learnt at TAFE the other night. How to make your own brushes for photoshop. I wasn't feeling 'into' class that night, so I just used the first photo that came up in my album. That photo was the waterski image below. I used just a small portion of the spray. I was pretty impressed with this little trick! I can see so many ways you could use it... weather I do is another thing :)

I worked this morning, nothing went right!!! I did make it out the other end not to flustered so that was great! Nothing like the smell of photographic chemicals.... ick...

After work my Mum wanted me to see some Jewellery that she found at a craft show. Dichoric Glass pendants. I have often looked at them not knowing what or how they are made... I now own two pendants, I couldn't choose between them. Mum treated me to one, thanks Mum! x I will try and take photos of them, it will be a fun experimental activity.

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