Friday, May 1, 2009


I snapped this image yesterday morning. I stepped out to get some wood and discovered Jack Frost had paid his first visit of the year. It was rather pretty.
Looking forward to this weekend. I don't have any major plans and home to get this house into some order and get some neglected things taken care of. The joys of owning your own home! :)
To look at skies from around the world look at Sky Watch Friday

Have a great weekend!


Jeri said...

This is a very cool shot. So strange to hear Jack Frost has paid his first visit - we are looking foward to his final visit.

B Squared said...

It's still hard for me to remember that the seasons are opposite from us.

Guy D said...

Great shot, morning photos can be some of the best.

Have a great weekend
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Calm Energy said...

One of my favorite things of autumn is the smell of seasoned wood burning in a neighbor's fireplace (or ours :) ~Maria

Glennis said...

Interesting shot, it really looks frosty and cold, I like the smoke going up from your fire.
I do miss an open fire.