Sunday, November 25, 2007

Busy weekend

Well it is almost the end of the weekend. It was quite busy for me. Yesterday I worked at Eastmons in the morning, home to vote and then I had a great afternoon taking wedding photos for Amelia and Dylan. What a lovely couple they are. It was a beautiful wedding. I hope the photos I have taken capture that. After the happy couple see them I will post some to share.
The photo I have posted is of my wonderful husband. What a hottie! Taken at Stockton beach November 16th

Today was pretty low key. Shawn had a sleep-over a Nash's Friday and recovered by not getting out of bed today until 9am...lucky him! I believe the boys had a very funny time...
I did call my Dad this morning and he was looking out at a white yard. Not a lot of snow, just a light cover.
There was a crop day in Uralla at the pub I didn't really attend because Saturday was such a big day. I did go and have lunch with Pam. Chicken in pajamas (as Matt calls it) not as good as last time. oh well. I came home and have finished a LO (scrapbook page or lay-out) and have started my second. We are just home from our first visit to the pool for this season. Kids are in the bath and I am enjoying my lollypop! Hotdogs for dinner...too easy! :}

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Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Can't wait till see the photos Julie... I bet you they are great!!!! YOU ROCK... Meg