Monday, November 26, 2007

Bottle brush

This LO is of the first flowers on Liberty's Bottle brushes. When Liberty was born she was given about 40 Australian native plants from a friend who had a nursery. This is the first year they have flowered, not all of them, just this variety and some of the Flax grass. YAY!!!

Today I finally took some photos so that I can start listing on EBay again. Hopefully I will get some on tonight. You can tell the weather is nice again after all the storms we have had. Tonight was potato bake and BBQ. Matt did the best thick, juicy T-bones.

Well I have been organising a brad swap with the B.S girls and the last of them arrived in the mail today. They are all packed and ready to send back out tomorrow. It is a great mix of brads!


Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Julie, what a great simple layout!!! I hope you like your blog and doing post on it cause I like to read it.. cheers Meg

Julia said...

Hiya Julie, yes it's a great layout! Good to see your blog up & running, & can't wait to see the brads. Julia (shopaholic)