Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 2011!

Yikes! Almost a month since I have blogged! Oh well... not long until I get my life back and work finishes. Then i can hopefully be better at everything. Home, Family, Friends, Blogging :)

Saturday was possibly the best party for possibly the best person. Tam celebrated her 40th birthday the only way that Tam could. It was an afternoon of Survivor meets Amazing race.

The kids enjoyed bobbing for apples and throwing water bombs.

Everyone enjoyed the Treasure Hunt. Followed by a relay pie eating comp. I knew Matt had this one covered!

Then there was Jelly eating or more like sucking with a straw.

Followed by an amazing obstacle course. Through cattle yards, over hay, through ropes, through goop and tyres.

Tammy did a super fantastic job! If you didn't have fun at her party, then I don't think you would have a good time anywhere!
Thanks for the great afternoon Tam, you rock!!

Anyone notice William Wallace and the blue team skipping some of the tyres in the obstacle course? Would that be cheating? ;)

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