Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 80's were spectacular!

Last night, we went to the Uralla Central School production of "Stunned Mullets" a look at the 80's.
Shawn's class performed "Thriller". The performance covered the music, movies and historical moments. It was fantastic! So many things that I had forgotten about... very well done! The students and staff did an excellent job, dude!
So, today, I have been thinking about what my childrens, children will perform at school, when they look back at this time. This is what came to mind, I know I have missed alot. What do you hope is remembered?
When it comes to movies, I hope Disney's 'Pirates of the Carribean' are played as re-runs on TV forever! If a movie can be made from a ride, it should be a classic!

George Clooney *sigh* and his Ocean 11 boys. Keeping with movies that came in multiple we also have Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, Toy Story and Ice age. I didn't watch any of the Harry or Rings movies, just not for me. Also I can not forget the Star Wars movies, these were also covered in the 80's Spectacular.... timeless... in this house anyway!
Then we go to Television. ER, loved how they ended this show, brilliantly done!

Shows that I have enjoyed are Prison Break, Supernatural, Friends, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs and The Big Bang Theory. We also had the Law and Order series, Bones, Entourage, Two and a half men, Alias and Sex and the City (I never watched this one, but I love that city!) We still have The Simpsons, but thankfully Lost has well and truely gone!
Home and Away and Neighbours are still going! Also it will no doubt be well documented as the time of Reality TV. Survivor, Idol, Amazing Race, Dancing with the stars, home reno shows and hook up shows! I am not really a reality girl... I catch a bit of Survivor and some of Idol, but very little.
Music has been pretty much dominated by American and Australian Idol winners. Kelly, Sebastian, Shannon and the others. Other musical items that will mostlikely get a mention (not that I think some are worthy of it) could be... Brittany, JT, Lady Gaga, Pink, Beyonce, John Mayer, Green day, Gwen Steffani, Rob Thomas, Nickleback, Train, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Usher, Baby Beiber might sneek in.

Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts (They wont get a mention, not in the 'popular' culture reviews anyway... I guess Madonna and Michael will still get a look in.
That then brings us to the lowercase i. The iPod and iTunes. The iPhone and the iPad.

Unfortunately Paris and Lindsay may get a mention for being absolutly stoopid! Brangelina will get a mention, but I wonder if anyone will remember Tom jumping on Oprah's couch.. I hope not! Will they remember Heath Ledger and Steve Irwin?
Will Facebook and Twitter survive?

The historical things remembered, will be this day, 9 years ago, when the Twin Towers fell and the war that followed. The Victorian Bushfires, Drought, Hurricane Katrina, Earthquakes around the world, The Boxing Day Tsunami, Americans Elect President Obama and Australia has our first Female Prime Minister (I hope it is remembered how she got the job!), Bali Bombers, Y2K, The Euro, Sydney had the Olympics and so much more!

What will they wear when they do a play about 'now'... who knows! Crocs maybe! :)

I have put all of this together while watching an 80's classic. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Well done,
I too hope that "Lost" is lost for forever.