Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dangars Falls

Today was a family day. No where to be, but where we wanted to be (except for the supermarket!) So we look the long way to the grocery store, via Dangars Falls. We have had an amazing amout of rain this month.

So, you can see the full length of the fall, last time we visited, you could barely see the water falling. The other image is taken from the top, looking down. It is a good walk... except when you have a cold. On the way back down I could hardly breathe... I am a vision of health and fitness! :)

Next weekend is Scrap Camp. Usually I am packed and ready to run out the door about this time. I think I have about 3 kits half put together and a pile of boxes to put my gear in. Just not enough hours in the day... and I think my creativity may have headed north for the winter. I hope it returns before camp...

Now, I am off to bed!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Well worth the Sunday drive and walk