Friday, February 26, 2010

Uralla Markets

Tomorrow morning I am off to try and sell my goods at the local markets. I have been super busy sewing up a storm every spare moment I had this week. (hence the lack of blogging)

I have various sized tote bags, I even made a 'scrappers tote' that will fit pizza boxes or scrap albums. I have crayon activity bags and my very favourite... fabric camera straps!

The 2 in the photo were the first 2 I made, and I now have 7! I had to order the buckles and strapping from America, the only place I could find on the www that sold what I needed and I had to look long and hard to find them. Turns out that they were from the same state my family lives in...
I have interfaced and padded the straps so they are very comfy and only $20 each. I have seen them as much as $40 on the www.
I will have to finish up at the markets by noon as I have Martin and Nicoles wedding to shoot that afternoon.

Busy. Busy.


Sue said...

Good luck for tomorrow, hope you sell heaps!!! (And hope the rain holds off when you need it to as well.)

Japa said...

You are pretty well occupied and still have time to break good news here.