Saturday, October 10, 2009

Working for $$$$

This is Liberty's new 'Bob' haircut. It looks pretty unkept in this shot as we were spending the afternoon down by the river at Grafton. The kids always have a great time, the look on her face makes you wonder what was going on in her mind.... :)

I worked 4 days this week, that is a big jump when I am used to one half day. All 4 days of paid work.... how nice! I do like my volunteer positions, but paid work is very sweet!

I looked through my trusty Smiggle diary this morning and calculated that I only have 5 free days left this month. That makes me tired... I need a diary for next year as I now have 5 Weddings to shoot over the next 12 months!!!!
My almost 4 year old, Liberty has been unwell. She has a miserable cold and conjunctivitis. She is the best little girl when it comes to drops in her eyes. this is the 2nd time she has had conjunctivitis. It is a horrible thing to have!

Tonight Matt had to do a housecall and have a look at a friends motorbike, tomorrow we are going back over for more riding adventures!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)

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what a cheeky grin on the recently bobbed gal!