Sunday, August 30, 2009

900 photos later...

At Rick & Amy's wedding I shot off about 900 pics and another 100 of various non wedding things over the weekend. I do enjoy playing with my D90!
I am soooo tired. After 2 nights with not much sleep, my eyes are struggling to stay open and focus. Hopefully tomorrow I can have a good look and start culling wedding shots. This pic of Liberty was taken after the ceremony as we were heading down to the beach to get some shots... she wanted me to push her on the swings... Well her face tells the rest of the story.
It was a lovely wedding, so good to see everyone.


Pamela said...

I don't see why you couldn't push her AND take wedding I could of done that is certainly a scrap worthy photo....MUM

Anonymous said...

The many faces of Miss Liberty.
This shot is great as a close up