Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is Liberty with Lucas. It is not a good photo, but the best I could get. I have great ones of each of them, just not at the same time!

Shawn has come home from school and is so excited about the new guitar tune he learnt today. He has mastered the rift of ' Smoke on the water' and now will start on ' Sweet home Alabama'... He asked the teacher to teach him that as it is his Dads favourite song... When I started Guitar we did 'Twinkle Twinkle'!!! Kids these days! :)

The last few weeks I have been on a merit selection panel for the school to choose a new Assistant Principal. Today should be the last, ending with interviews. I have really enjoyed it, a very interesting process. I did learn a very important thing... I need new glasses, I could hardly read some things. Off to the optometrist tomorrow for me! $$$

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Pamela said...

well.....what a surprise, you have changed things around...its nearly as good as a holiday.....well it is anyway for the poor people who aren't going to the