Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If your happy and you know it...

This is a pic of Liberty from a few nights ago.
Every night as we put her to bed, all 4 of us go into her room and put her music on. The first song is "If your happy and you know it". We clap and stomp, and YAY. I am sure the neighbours wonder what the racket is all about, but we get a giggle from it. :)
Today was a total waste for me. I went to Armidale to print photos... didn't have the CD in the case.... I went to do a home order and it doesn't give the size option I need.... Looks like I get to go to town again before camp.... It all just snowballed from there.
Matt is away with work tonight, so it was a nice lazy dinner. Kitchen is all cleared and the kids are keeping busy. Sweet!
I am hoping to get some kits made tonight ready for camp. If I can at least have the paper and photo together it saves me time. That is my biggest struggle matching the paper to the pic. 3 more sleeps until camp, I hope my mojo is already down there and waiting for me...

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Cindy said...

That is such a cute photo :)